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The best practice tips in the world!!

Learning an instrument is actually incredibly simple.

The steps you have to take in order to master and instrument are only three in number.

Slow down!

The biggest mistake beginners make it’s going too fast.

This is literally the definition of running before you can walk.

The slower you play something, the more chance you give your brain to be able to work it out and the more accurately you play

There is no disadvantage to slowing down.

Why make things harder than they need to be?

Count out loud!

Your brain learns by putting things into context.

Counting out loud gives your brain a context against which to calculate where the placement of the rhythm goes.

Essentially you’re giving yourself a vocal guide as to what to play.

This ensures that everything you play is in time.

Counting is the glue that connect everything together.

When you transition from the 16th notes and back to triplets for example counting all of these patterns will keep them exactly in place and give you an anchor.

It’s quite a common thing with students for them to think that counting is for beginners and once they become advanced advanced it They don’t need to do it anymore. This is completely wrong.

As you become more advanced you should count more and verbalise what you’re playing more.

Use a metronome.

This applies particularly to drummers.

Your primary job as a drummer is to be able to hold strict tempo and keep other players in place.

A metronome is vital for drummers

It helps with external and internal timing, by which I mean your ability to playing time with an external sound as well as your ability to keep in time with yourself

Keeping in time with yourself means that your internal subdivisions are all even, that your bass drum is not a slightly out of time with your hi hat ( a very common mistake)

This is the largest difference between a beginner and a pro.

These three things repeated consistently over many years will result in you being very very good at your instrument.

The biggest difficulty most people have simply lack of patience.

They want it right now!!!not realising that

Mastery takes lots of repetition.

Learning an instrument is simple:

Slow down


Use a metronome

Enjoy the ride!!!

Until the next one!

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