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Melodic Interpretations


This book is designed for intermediate to advanced drummers who want to expand their musical knowledge and take their playing to the next level. The Melodic Interpretations for Drum Kit book provides an in-depth look into the melodic side of drumming, allowing drummers to explore new creative possibilities and become more confident in their playing. With detailed instructions and written examples, this book offers a new take on an the concept of melodic drumming and is the perfect resource for any serious drummer.

Hi Mark, I really enjoyed the workshop last Sunday! You did a great job breaking down simple hand and foot technique. It gave me an opportunity to focus on my technique and reflect / observe others as well. I think you gave us the right amount of time to practice hand technique ourselves...... I cannot underestimate the explanation and observation part that helped me a lot with you corrections for students and myself.

Andrey A.

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