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Here you can find information of when there are workshops and recitals.

Workshops and Recitals: Text


24th October 2021 - Drum Technique Workshop - SOLD OUT

24th April 2022 - Improve your Drum Fills Workshop - Purchase Tickets HERE

24th July 2022 - Stick Control Workshop

23rd October 2022 - Drum Techniques Workshop

Workshops and Recitals: Text


13th March 2022

12th June 2022

11th September 2022

11th December 2022

Please note the recitals are for students and parents and free of charge.

Workshops and Recitals: Text
Workshops and Recitals: Student Testimonials

Hi Mark, I really enjoyed the workshop last Sunday! You did a great job breaking down simple hand and foot technique. It gave me an opportunity to focus on my technique and reflect / observe others as well. I think you gave us the right amount of time to practice hand technique ourselves...... I cannot underestimate the explanation and observation part that helped me a lot with you corrections for students and myself.

Andrey A.

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