The Constant Release Technique Part 3 – The Fundamental Strokes.

The first thing to understand is that there are only two ways to hit a pedal:

  1. Heel down.

  2. Heel up (the drop stroke)

I never bury the beater. I don’t like the sound. As I was saying earlier I’m constantly looking for a middle ground on the tone. Burying the beater flattens the sound too much for me. So, when I’m triggering the bass drum, often if you bury the beater you can get miss triggering from the vibration of the pedal. So, I always bring the beater out. When I hit a drum, I always rebound the stick. It makes sense to me to do that.

When I hit the bass drum always rebound the beater. 

I’m looking for it to be as relaxed as possible. So, when I’m talking about a heels up stroke, I’m talking about more of a drop and a rebound.

Heel Up

Push up using the calf muscle and drop the whole foot on the pedal. This is very similar to the Moeller whip stroke. 

You should feel the motion around the ankle and the calf muscle primarily.  Do not push. If your foot is riding up the foot board you are using too much pressure. 

Heel Down

Heel down is pretty straight forward, you put your foot on the pedal, lift, and drop. The heel remains in contact with the footplate.  The heels down technique is from the ankle and the shin. So, heel down, it’s exactly the same as tapping your foot.

This is similar to the Moeller tap stroke on hands.  Again, do not push, The weight of your foot will do the work. If your foot is riding up the pedal board you are pushing.

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