The Constant Release Technique Part 2

Speed and Sound Considerations

There’s a lot of stuff out there on how to play really fast, and I think there’s plenty of material covering the top end stuff. I’d always noticed that I really, really struggled around those middle tempos between 150 and 190, particularly when I was trying to play a song by Morbid Angel called Where the Slime Live, which is 175 beats a minute. I really, really struggled.

My top speed caps out at around 230bpm.

I’m not particularly worried about going any faster.

I normally like to have the bass drum quite open, and my primary concern is keeping a balance between power and speed. In order to have some power you have to sacrifice some top end speed, and my sound kind of disappears after that. I like it to be quite wide and loud.

The stuff I always struggled with was the middle tempos, and I figured a lot of people did, and it turns out that it looks like they do.

So, I started to practise an endurance routine by , Virgil Donati where you’re constantly accelerating

Start out at 100 beats a minute and accelerate every eight bars by 20 bpm.

As I was doing this I noticed that my foot was starting to, around the middle tempos start to use this two for one motion, and it turned out I could do it on both feet.

So, I started to sort of experiment with interleaving them, and almost immediately, it’s pretty damn loud, and I’m not really doing anything.

I started to look at being able to do it on each foot individually and notice that I could kind of interleave it, and I’m hardly doing anything, and I’m just literally letting my foot float on the pedal.

I’ve taken all of the hip flexor out of the equation almost completely.

There’s no pushing. It’s very relaxed.

So, in the next part I’m going to go through the movement a little bit and then I’m just going to talk briefly about coordination, but again, you can take this to whatever tempo you want to take it to.

Come back next week for part 3

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