The Constant Release Technique: A Full Explanation Part 1

Why I use Constant Release Technique.

Why Constant Release?

My name’s Mark. I’m a drum teacher in the UK for the website, and I recently posted a video of me using a double pedal technique called “constant release”.
I got quite a few questions about how it works, why I use it, what I use it for?

So, I thought I’d do a blog post and describe it to you.

The constant release technique is similar to the Moeller technique on the hands. So, it’s kind of a two for one. It’s a fairly straightforward way of generating a lot of control and power.
With minimal effort.

I emphasise minimal effort.

The best thing about the constant release technique is that once you have it right, you will feel like the pedal is doing most of the work.

So, the main reason I use the constant release technique is to play middle tempos.

There’s a tempo dead zone in between about 150 bpm and about 190 bpm, where everything below that is all leg, or all ankle. Anything above that is all ankle.

Playing accurately in this zone is HARD

So, if you wanted to identify the muscles you’re using when you’re playing slower ,it’s mostly calf muscle and the quad. I try and take my hips out of the equation as much as possible, because they’re terrible at doing this. Overusing hip flexors is he cause of a lot of pain for drummers.

When you are playing high speeds its a mix of shin and calf.

So, the constant release technique gives me a nice mix of those two (heel down ankle and heel up calf muscle). It allows me to switch muscle groups allowing me to stay relaxed.

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Part 2 Next Week!


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