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Speed and Technique

I posted this video a little while ago and recently got a question on You Tube as follows.

“Hi, can i go to 220 bpm at 16 notes with this technique using medium spring tension?”

To which I replied:

“Of course. Speed is a side effect of controlled practice and time. The technique itself is not a magic fix. I personally use this movement for more moderate tempos. I allowed the movement to happen rather than forcing it and this feels natural for me at middle tempos. There is no reason you cant get all the speed you desire, but you must practice a lot!

Just to reiterate this point, I’m a firm believer that you should choose techniques based on the sound you are trying to produce. One of the reasons I use constant release is I find it helps me produce a very open and powerful sound. I chose the technique because of the sound it produces. I think nowadays there is a lot of temptation for people to focus on the technique rather than the result of the technique. If you want to be a good musician surely the sound you are producing is more important than anything else? If you can play at 300 beats per minute at your bass drum sounds weak and powerless what’s the point? You can reach pretty much any speed with any technique, and there is no magic bullet solution aside from lots of practice. So before you settle upon a technique, ask yourself why you are choosing it. Then commit to it and practise a lot.